AlmaLibre acai bowls in Barcelona (+ vegan burgers!)

Hello my beautiful friends! I accidentally stumbled across...
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The Best Vegan Tortilla in Madrid!

One of my favorite Spanish staples is the tortilla. For my...
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Pizzi Dixie: new VEGAN restaurant in Madrid! (video)

Hello my beautiful friends! You may have heard on the...
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Vegan Cake Route in Madrid

Some of the best vegan desserts and cakes are in Madrid, and our vegan cake route highlights Madrid’s vegan cafes and restaurants in Las Huertas and Lavapies.

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VEGAN ICECREAM TOUR of Madrid, Malasaña!

Hello my beautiful friends! Here is a vegan and gluten...
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Urban Orchard Juice Bar Madrid: zesty organic juices and beautiful people

Giuliana and Elliot run Urban Orchard in Madrid, a magical...
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Juice Lab Madrid: organic juices all the way from Paris!

Hello my beautiful friends! Mes amis, there is one very special juice bar that has just come to Madrid... all the way from Paris! Juice Lab has set up shop in Alonso Martinez, one of the cooler districts of Madrid. It's the perfect location to buy a refreshing...

RAWCOCO in Madrid! A bright space with 100% organic juices and food

Hello my beautiful friends! Have you been to RAWCOCO Green Bar yet in Madrid? It's a 100% raw juice bar in the Salamanca barrio that also offers plenty of natural food options and nut milk drinks for vegans. Surrounded by leafy ferns, jungly colours and bamboo wicker...

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