Candela eco soy wax candle, vela eco de soja de Madrid

This is a beautiful soy wax ‘eco candle’ from Munio Home. It smells of lovely cinammon and spices, which is perfect for bedtime reading.

Soy wax candles

Why is soy wax something to look out for in my next candle?

  • Soy is a vegetable wax that burns with no toxins, carcinogens or choking soot
  • Soy is biodegradable and a renewable resource
  • It contains no animal fats, and is cruelty free : )
  • It supports the world’s farmers, not the oil industry
  • It burns for 50% longer than parrafin candles, which means it lasts longer for you to enjoy, and you don’t have to buy a new one so soon! Hurrah!

For me, the best part about this candle is the soy. I had been buying cheap candles from my local supermarket and I noticed that they often left black marks around the edges of the glass.

This candle burns clean, and does not let off any horrible toxins before you go to bed (which traditionally can tinge your walls or furnishings slightly black, so imagine what those toxins do sitting in your lungs! bleugh).


Naked candle!

You might have noticed that this candle is naked (ooh! yes). This little gem is so clever that it burns on alternate sides, leaving about 1cm around the edge. This means that you don’t need to put this candle on a dish or in a glass, as it knows to only burn down the middle. Clever naked candle.


Price and value

This candle cost 23€, but I have to say, that having put off buying and eco candle for a long time, it really is worth the extra pennies. As with everything in this life, the cheaper the price, the worse the quality of the product and the more damage its production is causing the environment. With this lovely one, when you light it at night you can feel proud that you are breathing in some lovely fresh natural scents, doing some good by supporting local farmers and our planet, and overall get the experience that you should get with a candle (good feelings!)


I bought this candle from Kiki Market on C/ Cava Alta, 21, Madrid.

Natural Soy Wax Candle- Cinammon (with herbs from the Latvian countryside)
Munio Home