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Vegetarian, gluten free, living in Barcelona 

Hello! I’m Charlotte! Last year I started writing down places to buy slow and eat green when I lived in Madrid, and then I thought, hey I could share these with other people, for all of Spain! That is how Green Living Spain was born 🙂 I truly love sharing the places I have found, from vegan restaurants to sustainable fashion shops, so I hope it helps you too. Wherever you are from, welcome! 🙂

  • Hummus lover 80%
  • Vegetarian 100%
  • Eco fashion scouter 40%


Plant-based, Canadian, Blogger at dulceynatural.com
Heyo! I’m Daniela, I’m a Portuguese-Canadian living in Madrid and I am a mega-dessert lover (plant based desserts, that is!). I spend most of my time day-dreaming about desserts, scavenging for the best ingredients in the city and baking up a storm in my small apartment. At Green Living Spain, I’ll show you how easy it is to make vegan desserts, and find vegan ingredients and pastry shops in Madrid.

  • Plant-based 90%
  • Asian Obsessed 80%
  • Bicycle fanatic 100%


Locavore, American, Auxiliar de Conversación and USA intern architect
Hello! I’m Kathryn, and this was my first year in Spain. I spent it in Madrid, mostly discovering all the wild and wonderful ecological markets, restaurants and bars that south side of Madrid has to offer. Looking forward to another great year filled with more delicious food and more 🙂

  • Locavore 80%
  • Loves yoga and meditation 40%
  • Pretty thrify 60%


Former New Yorker turned ex-pat, yoga teacher, eco and wellness blogger at suzanneallyse.com and Ecophile
Hola, I’m Suzanne, an expat currently living in Madrid. I’m a teacher, translator and travel enthusiast. I’m passionate about leading an active, mindful and healthy lifestyle in the most natural way possible. If you see me on the street, you’ll probably meet one of my love birds who like to sit on my shoulder while I run errands.

  • Veggie 100%
  • Nomad 65%
  • Can fall asleep anywhere 98%


Co-founder of brownble.com, teacher and certified plant-based cook living in Madrid
Hi there! I’m Kim, a Venezuelan / former New Yorker / current Madrid dweller (phew! say that 5 times fast!) who loves food, dogs and cooking more than anything! For years I’ve been helping people make more vegan choices. You’ll often find me filming one of our videos in front of Madrid’s yummy vegan restaurants, exploring farmer’s markets or having a picnic in the park with my hubby and our two kids (who just happen to be dogs… but don’t tell them that if you see them 🙂

  • Vegan 100%
  • Kitchen gadget hoarder 80%
  • Popcorn addict 99%


Vegan, Spanish and Chinese speaker, and human to a fluffy dog, Benito
Hola! After being born in the US but spending my entire adult life in London, I ended up in Barcelona, seeking the sun. While there, I ate in every vegan restaurant and 90% of the vegetarian restaurants (don’t worry, I documented my efforts and am writing a vegan guidebook to Barcelona), published my first book (a vegan travel guide) and adopted a dog, Benito, who speaks more Catalan than I do.

  • Vegan 100%
  • Foodie 80%
  • Remembers to unpack suitcase 55%


Filmmaker, creative pursuit enthusiast, and Co-founder of alternativetravelers.com
Hey y’all! I’m an American reared in California, cultivated in New York City, and now currently residing in Spain. I’ve been based out of Madrid since September 2016 and plan on staying as long as they’ll let me. Contrary to popular belief, Spain is very vegan friendly – if you know where to look. I comb the countryside for the best vegan food so you don’t have to!

  • French Basque 25%
  • Puerto Rican 50%
  • Vegan 100%

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