Hello my beautiful friends!

I accidentally stumbled across this place in Barcelona, AlmaLibre, and just had to tell you about it. They do vegan and gluten-free food, and are new in Barcelona!

AlmaLibre’s flagship café is in Valencia, but they opened the doors to their Barcelona acai bar in August 2017. They are still finalising the downstairs area into a space for yoga and healthy living activities.

The décor is a light, bright and colourful; a mix of thick-cut wooden tables, pastel coloured mint and lemon chairs, ankle grazing ferns and long hanging bulb lights. It has a quiet and thoughtful breakfast vibe.

Alma Libre’s speciality are Acai Bowls (click to see a picture): a frozen acai berry smoothie topped with dried fruits, nuts and seeds. It’s a dream in a bowl!

For those of you that are wondering, the acai berry is a super food from the Brazilian Amazon. It is known for being “complete” in its healthy properties (antioxidants, proteins, essential omega fats, amino acids). At Alma Libre you can choose 3 acai bowl sizes, to top with anything you like: banana, chia seeds, puffed rice, chocolate, goji berries and more. See below for a “soy diferente” combination with banana, caramelised nuts and sunflower seeds.

It’s worth noting that the frozen acai smoothie at Alma Libre does contain a little sugar and agave syrup to sweeten it, in case you are on a sugar free diet.

The big surprise at Alma Libre were the vegan burgers, which could be made with gluten free bread. Both the ‘Garbanzo y Quinoa’ and the ‘Arroz Rojo y Tempeh’ burgers get the thumbs up: crispy on the outside and nourishing in the middle, plus a vegan mustard sauce and a satisfyingly crunchy carrot, cabbage and pesto salad. You can also buy extras like hummus, salted vegetables, vegan cheese, mushrooms and vegan bacon (ooo!).

Other dishes include hummus with ecological nachos, tostas, carrot and olive paté, salads, and sandwiches. Some sandwiches have jamón and fish, which I should mention if you are looking for a 100% vegetarian or vegan kitchen.

To satisfy your thirst, there are juices with traditional combinations (like celery, carrot and apple) and unique blends (watermelon, mint and cucumber), as well as sweet milkshakes (think apple, cinnamon and oat). We give a big thumbs up to the homemade lemonade, as well as the mint, cucumber and ginger water.

Finally, the brand new downstairs space is waiting for its debut.

The waitress explained to me that this is a flexible space which can be used for yoga events and other healthy living activities; my favourite part was the swinging 60’s wicker chair! ?

All in all, if you’re looking for a scrumptious acai bowl or a vegan burger in the Eixample district of Barcelona, Alma Libre is the place to go. It doesn’t get too busy during the day, and is a great place to meet a friend for breakfast, a drink or a snack at the weekend.

Alma Libre

Calle Girona, 118