If you’re interested in design, eco fashion, sustainable materials, recycling, innovative architecture, and overall top-notch creativity, you should pop down to El Matadero for the last two weeks of the #BID16 V Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño exhibition.

The exhibition showcases 470 of the most innovative, creative and inspiring pieces of design from the Ibero-American world, and about 1/3 of the works are sustainably focused.

This makes for awe-inspiring reading and exploring if you are into this topic.

The exhibition covers every kind of design known to man, in no particular order, meaning that you can be reading about sustainable minimalist furniture and beautiful glass necklaces in one moment, and pondering emergency pop-up housing for refugee camps in the next.

It only makes one think about the choices we make on a daily basis- how we buy, where we live and what we eat. It shows that there are some incredible new ways of doing things out there, you just have to put in a little effort to find them.

I took photographs of all the initiatives that inspired me and I’m going to investigate whether I can purchase their products next time I need to buy something, you could do the same!

I’ve added some of my favourite ideas below but I’ll leave the rest of the exploring up to you:

Jam Jar Lamp, which questions the paradigm of buy, use, throw away. The base can be purchased, but the user has to first eat the contents of a jam jar to use it as the lamp.


This shoe brand offers ecological and vegan footwear, made in Spain.


Only 13% of leather produced is considered high quality. This means an immense amount of leather is thrown away. This designer has created a new innovative material from the wastage that is similar to wood. I find many parts of this shocking- knowing that leather is not a waste product from meat production. I would suggest long-term to abandon leather altogether and use truly sustainable products such as bamboo for wood and pineapple pulp for vegan leather.


Men’s fashion made from organic materials.


The creation of NEULEATHER, made by recycling waste materials, to replace the use of traditional leather made from animal skin.


Did you know that every piece of plastic ever produced in the history of the earth still exists? This design reuses plastics to create beautiful pieces of jewellery.


El Matadero

Paseo de la Chopera, 14

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