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Have you heard about the recent juicing method, cold-pressing? Now stay with me, apparently there is some science behind this! Get a cup of tea and put your thinking cap on.

The idea is that when you juice fruits and veggies in natural warm air, the air starts to break down the nutrients. The cold-pressing method reduces heat and air contact, producing super juices (I’m imagining juices with superman capes) that maintain more nutrients! Another plus is that you can get more juice out of the pulp, which reduces waste and consumption = more sustainable (which we always like, right).

Fit Food in Madrid not only sells cold-presses, but also has lots of lovely health products on sale, at various shops in the city. I took some pictures at the juice shop in barrio Salamanca.

One of the advantages of buying a juice like this is that the combinations might be more complicated than you can make at home, with ingredients like cashews, dates, matcha tea, Goji berries, vanilla, ginger, beetroot, to name just a few! : ) It’s like a deluxe, posh version of every kind of juice you can think of!

A disadvantage is that the juices come in plastic bottles, and we all know that once plastic is created, it never goes away, unless we use a load of energy to recycle and repurpose it. We can just make sure that we recycle the bottles afterwards!

Fit Food also sells a range of completely awesome green living accessories, take this BPA free water bottle for example. Instead of using plastic water bottles, I would also recommend the Klean Kanteen ‘reflect’ bottle which is one of the only bottles on the market to be plastic free and paint free, made with only aluminium and sustainable bamboo! (No-one paid me to say that!)


Try buying some organic cocoa powder and cashew butter to make raw nut brownies at home (Deliciously Ella brownie recipe – only 4 ingredients!)


Fit Food also offers a small range of body soaps and natural sponges (try running the sponge downwards from about the inside of your elbow to past your armpit to help drain your lymph nodes, boost your circulation and wake you up in the morning!)


Fit Food

Calle Velazquéz 39 (there are other addresses too!)

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