If you’re wandering around the centre of Barcelona and thinking ‘darn, I’m HUNGRY!’, but can’t find any vegan restaurants with food on the go, head to Gopal!

Gopal is a 100% vegan deli in the Barri Gotic of Barcelona (or if you don’t speak Catalan, that’s the bullseye centre of Barcelona, to you and me). There are no seats, but that’s okay, because this is a deli, and we’re grabbing our food and taking it with us on Barcelona adventures!

My favourite part of the deli is that they have signs saying ‘Xarcuteria Vegana desde 2009’ (a funny spelling of meat deli in Spanish with an X). This can only mean… they have a sense of humour : p

Gopal sells mainly what you would call ‘vegan bites’, so foods that you can grab and take with you. They have vegan burgers, sandwhiches, snacks, pasties (empanadas if we’re being Spanish) and vegan tortilla de patatas.

If you’re really looking for something sweet (ah, aren’t we all!), they also have cakes, croissants and… the star of the show…. VEGANUTS. Yes, Gopal have created their own line of delicious vegan donuts, and you will not be disappointed by the variety. They have Veganuts cut in half with vegan cream, topped with chocolate sauce, sprinkles, sugar, you name it. It’s where a vegan donut would go to die and forever be in heaven.

So if you ever have that ‘oh where do we GO!’ moment again when in Barri Gotic, you know where to head : )


Carrer Escudellers, 42

P.S. Gopal is just off a plaza, so if you do need a sit down, you can grab a perch outside and sit in the sunshine : )