Guaranga Transcendental Food is a welcoming corner of Madrid, with a relaxing atmosphere. You shouldn’t expect luxury, but instead simple, balanced and nutritious food, cooked with love ♥

Everyday Guaranga Transcendental Food creates a fixed menu, which you can eat at lunch or dinner.

The menu usually consists of a tea which is prepared for everyone, a soup as a starter, a beautifully balanced plate, and a dessert. You can check their daily offering on their Facebook Guaranga Transcendental Food, where they post the plates of the day.

The ingredients are grown in a plot outside the city, in an ecological organic garden. All the food is vegetarian, as the restaurant is a Hare Krishna restaurant, which forbids the eating of animals and promotes a vegetarian lifestyle. I took this from the official website of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness:

The preparation and eating of food should be based on principles of compassion, non-violence and balanced living. Thus, Krishna devotees advocate a lacto-vegetarian diet, strictly avoiding meat, fish and eggs.

Everytime I go to Guaranga Transcendental, I leave with a feeling which I can only describe as my tummy being “happy”! Strange, I know, but having looked further into the background of the restaurant I think I understand why this might be.

For Krishna devotees, cooking is intertwined with spirituality; the art of cooking is a sacred experience. Furthermore, they believe that the food absorbs the consciousness of the cook, so if you are angry smashing up those chickpeas, Krishna philosophy says that you are transferring that conciousness to the food- and then to the person who eats it. The first time that I visited Guaranga Transcendental, a friend told me that the chef offers each dish to Krishna before serving, which might explain the soothing feeling after eating : )

Even if you are not a Hare Krishna devotee, this is reminder to slow down, watch what you are cooking and eat consciously. Our lives are so busy, especially when settling in a new city like Madrid. Slow Food has some good tips on how get involved in slow food and be a responsible consumer.

For gluten free peoples like me, the dessert can be a yoghurt with honey, nuts and berries, or if you are vegan, a simple cup of fresh fruit, depending on the produce that they have that day.

You can also see the Hare Krishna mantra on the mirror, which is a chant to enhance consciousness and therefore spirituality. You can hear just one example of the Hare Krishna mantra here, if you are interested.

Overall, Guaranga Transcendental Food is a place to go with friends, eat wholesome vegetarian dishes, meet their team and reconnect with the roots of your food : )


Guaranga Transcendental Food

Calle Angosta de los Mancebos, 6
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