Hello my beautiful Madrid friends!

What a treat I have for you today. Welcome to Handmade Beauty, the organic beauty salon in Madrid.

Get ready for some pastel colour nail varnishes, natural wood finishes and soothing organic body creams.

I experienced a wonderful Slow’n’Go manicure (15 euros) with one of the manicurists from Brazil. She was possibly the most smiley person I have ever met and made my contentment levels go up ten fold when she gave me a heated lavender and lino seed bean bag to sit on my shoulders during the manicure. Get ready to relax.

Take – your – pick. Organic, vegan and free from toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate or DBP (known as the “toxic trio”). Not to mention the colours.

Why do we want nail polishes free from the toxic trio? Just check out this article by the Huffington Post “How Toxic is Your Nail Polish Really?”.  Cancer-causing formaldehyde, reproductive and developmental toxins, fatigue, dizziness and tiredness – all from chemicals absorbed into straight the body through the nail bed. Yes, nail varnish is officially classed as hazardous waste. Delightful.

If you want to start afresh and only use organic vegan nail polishes, it is pretty easy – you just need to safely dispose of the nasties. Dry out the bottle, and dispose of the glass in a special disposal unit. As an official hazardous waste, it is illegal to pour liquid nail varnish down the sink or throw it in the normal rubbish. The gloopy gunk will get into the water supply and in the end it will just be me and you snacking on plastic tinged food. Not worth thinking about.

During the organic manicure I was able to choose 5 options from the wall of organic colours, which she tested on each nail so I could see the colours. I’m not sure if this is standard practice but I really appreciated being able to see the colours before I picked one.

She also put some organic nail oil on my nails before painting them, so luxurious.

If you’re looking for some body products, they have quite the selection of organic creams and oils – take for example the rock salt scrubs with salt hailing from the Himalayan mountains. They also have a Handmade Beauty 100% organic travel kit should you travel a lot and want to keep up your green lifestyle on the road.

Brilliant value for 15 euros, considering that the average ‘standard’ toxic manicure can cost 20-25 euros in Madrid.

(P.S. They also do facials, treatments, massages and pedicures).

Handmade Beauty

Calle Conde de Xiquena 17, Madrid
Calle Lagasca 58, Bajo dcha, Madrid

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