Hello my beautiful friends!

Mes amis, there is one very special juice bar that has just come to Madrid… all the way from Paris!

Juice Lab has set up shop in Alonso Martinez, one of the cooler districts of Madrid. It’s the perfect location to buy a refreshing juice on your way to the vintage clothes shops or before perusing a pop-up market!

So, what’s the story? On the day that I passed by, one of the friendliest shop attendants was on duty- Carmen! Carmen just so happens to design all of the logos and labels for all of the juices. As she poured out some samples us for us to try (one green with vegetables, and one sweet with almond milk and cinammon), she told us that Juice Lab first opened its doors in the beautiful city of Paris – and that this is their first shop in Madrid!

They made the move very recently, having just opened their doors earlier this year. Their hope is to expand from the original spots in Paris and take Madrid by organic juicing storm (I imagine a storm of organic juices would be quite nice, actually….Tropical.)

Organic green juices are all the rage right now, and I can see why. Cold-pressed juices give you more juice from the fruit, they stay fresher for longer and are good for the environment because they reduce waste. Yipee!

The juice bar itself is very smoothly constructed; all clean cut natural wood, white tiles, wide glass doors and little art deco touches made from sustainable materials, like the skyscraper lamp and the sunbeam mirror.

There may actually be a reason for the sky high decorations, because Juice Lab has just signed a deal to provide their organic green juices to Air Europa, the European airline. This means that amongst the cruddy airport coffees and fat-filled muffins, you can enjoy some healthy and organic juices 30,000 feet in the air. For this, I am grateful, Juice Lab! Revolutionising travel food to be more healthy and sustainable, I like it! : )

If you feel like a sweet something to go with your juice or nut milk, you can also choose from their homemade treats. On this visit they had 100% natural energy balls made with delicious ingredients like dates, apricots and cocoa, as well as the gluten free banana bread (hurrah! cheers all round for us gluten free folk!). I bought some of the energy balls and kept them in my bag all day for a mid-afternoon snack for when you get that sugar slump. I felt good eating them!

Juice Lab also have ecological food, which you can grab and take away with you. I haven’t tried the food yet, but that banana bread seemed like a sign of good things to come : )

Overall, this is definately a new spot to check out if you like organic juices without all the marketing hype: just clean healthy organic juices and no fuss. You might even be able to practice your French if you catch one of the Juice Lab co-founders Mandarine Rouff (female entrepreneur by the way- rock on!).

Juice Lab

Calle Hortaleza, 110