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Choosing organic cotton is highly important- you can read about it below.

Muji organic cotton towels bed sheets madrid fairtrade bio ecological sustainable

Muji organic cotton towels madrid fairtrade bio ecological sustainable

Organic cotton facts

Why is organic cotton something to buy?

  • It takes over 2,000 litres of water to produce the average t-shirt made from conventional cotton
  • The chemicals used on conventional cotton are acutely toxic, originally used as toxic nerve agents during World War Two.
  • 3 of the chemicals used are in the ‘dirty dozen’, which 120 countries agreed to ban at a UNEP convention in 2001 (yet to happen)
  • The chemicals harm the farmers and their families. Symptoms of chronic poisoning include numbness and weakness in arms and legs, hands and feet, tingling, lethargy, loss of memory and concentration. They can affect fertility and cause spontaneous abortion.
  • Cotton farmers in India trying to make the change to organic cotton often struggle as it takes the soil 5 years to recover from the chemical use.
  • There are very few organic cotton farmers, but everytime we opt to buy organic, fairtrade or second hand cotton, we are supporting them.

From Naked Fashion: The New Sustainable Fashion Revolution, by Safia Minney


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