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I know how you feel, it’s pretty difficult to find organic clothing. The highstreet stores are full of man-made materials, toxic dyes and sweat shop suffering. But I have a remedy for you: GreenLifeStyle in Barcelona. If you like small, personalised boutiques full of style, fairy lights and handpicked pieces, this one is for you!

GreenLifeStyle in Barcelona is a unique little boutique (haha! kind of a tongue twister) for a few reasons:

  1. They are pioneers! They were the first ecological and organic clothes shop to be opened in Spain
  2. The clothes that they sell are 100% organic and natural
  3. They only distribute pieces from independent designers who are based locally, or within Europe. No long-haul flights for transportation and therefore, a reduced carbon footprint : )
  4. GreenLifeStyle love design, but they don’t follow trends. All their pieces are unique and designed to be worn for a long time. Their collections have a minimalist style and are made from high quality materials, so they will last you a lifetime : )

You can read more about their beginnings and watch their short video here: GreenLifeStyle ‘Nuestra Filosofia’.

The shop has women’s clothing, bags, jewellery and accessories, all hung on cardboard hangers and framed by glass jar hanging lights : )

I visited the shop recently and spoke to the shop assistant, who confirmed for me that everything in the shop is 100% organic and comes from sustainable materials. Even the glass jar lights and wooden floors have a sustainable homely feel!

If you are visiting Barcelona and are looking to hit some shops, or if you live in Barcelona and have been looking for some sustainable new pieces, I think GreenLifeStyle is the place for you : )


Torrent de l’Olla, 95

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