La Encomienda: a reasonably priced vegan paradise

This budget-friendly vegan paradise is tucked away on an...
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Sustainable fashion Barcelona: Gracia district

Conscious fashionistas, get ready: this is the sustainable fashion tour of Gracia district in Barcelona that will make you go weak at the knees! + a vegan bakery for a sugar top up!

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The best vegan desserts in Barcelona

Sweet tooths read on: here’s where to find the best vegan desserts in Barcelona! Here’s where to get five of the best.

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Clarita’s Restaurant

Clarita’s is a study in white. It’s a tucked away little gem of the place in Malasaña with a bar at the front and restaurant in back.

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AlmaLibre acai bowls in Barcelona (+ vegan burgers!)

Hello my beautiful friends! I accidentally stumbled across...
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The Best Vegan Tortilla in Madrid!

One of my favorite Spanish staples is the tortilla. For my...
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Mama Campo: natural food shop in Madrid

Hello my beautiful friends! I have a lovely suggestion for you today. Especially if you are gluten free! Mama Campo has three parts: an ecological shop, a snack bar and restaurant in the Malasana district of Madrid. This time we're just going to talk about the shop....

NatuCorpore Madrid: new space for natural therapies in Madrid

If you fancy a bit of pampering with natural and organic products, at a reasonable price, then NatuCopore is the place for you! NatuCorpore opened earlier this year in Madrid; it is a completely new space for natural therapies and is located near the Anton Martin and...

Delicious Naturally Vegan Eats in Spain

When I moved to Spain many moons ago I was far from vegan, not even close to vegetarian. If it swam, walked or flew, it made it to my plate. You don’t automatically think of vegan options when you think of Spain. The thought process goes something like: chorizo...

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