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Have you been to RAWCOCO Green Bar yet in Madrid? It’s a 100% raw juice bar in the Salamanca barrio that also offers plenty of natural food options and nut milk drinks for vegans.

Surrounded by leafy ferns, jungly colours and bamboo wicker chairs, it’s perfect for pretending you’re in the caribbean whilst sipping a freshly squeezed juice, even if it’s raining outside : )

The main attraction at RAWCOCO are their cold-pressed juices, which are made from organic fruits and vegetables. Much like Fit Food in Madrid, they cold press the juices, which reduces contact with heat and the open air, and therefore maintains more nutrients in the juice! Cold pressing also gets as much juice as possible from the fruit, meaning less waste and more sustainabilty! Hurrah!

Here is the small smoothie that I ordered, with mango, apple and pineapple. It was tasty, you can’t beat a fresh fruit smoothie!

In addition to cold press juices, the drinks menu also has shots of concentrated vegetably goodness which supposedly have detoxifying and purifying qualities. Take some of the names as inspiration: hot shot, cold fighter, vital shot… They sound like a superheros in a Marvel comics movie! Cold, be gone! Bad digestion, no more! You have a sore throat? Away with you!

Back to reality, for the vegans (and non-vegans) out there, you can also buy one of their delicious sounding milks, made with oat, soy and almond milk. The combinations involve banana, chia seeds, almonds, dates, ecological cocoa, cranberries…and more. These milks are like the vegan version of a Cola Cao or Nesquick drink, nice and sweet, but actually good for you!

And finally, on the drinks side, my favourite: the ecological hot chocolate, made with the nut or vegetable milk of your choice. This is a winner in the winter time; forget capitalist Starbucks, head to RAWCOCO for a warming cup of cocoa to warm your cockles. Mmm. Healthy and ecological. They even do takeaway (but don’t forget to recycle the cup!)

If you’d like a nibble to go with your green juice, they serve bagels, wraps and…  (drum roll please!) the Build-Your-Own salad. If you’re from abroad, this is a rare find in Madrid, as salad building is not an activity the Spaniards routinely enjoy. Here you can build salads to your heart’s content!

And if you’re feeling in a temptation kind of mood, they always have a jazzy array of enormous, family-sized cakes. Take this red velvet cake, for example. What a beauty! Not healthy, raw, or organic, but not half bad on the eye! Phwoar.

Sadly they don’t offer gluten free cakes or gluten free bread, but it’s possible to make their salads gluten free by choosing rice or lettuce as the base. They also have these RAW-BITE bars, which are made with nuts and sweet dates!

Extra notes

One of the things that I like about RAWCOCO is that it’s in the Salamanca barrio! Usually you have to travel to the cooler, more hipster areas of Madrid like Malasana to find green juices and organic smoothies.

I’d really love it if they encouraged people to recycle. It always seems slightly ironic that many juice bars promote an organic, ecological style of living… but are actually contributing to the problem by selling hundreds of plastic juice bottles that people probably won’t think to recycle.

They could even make the recycling container fit their decor… cover it in bamboo, it’d be great, ta daa! Another option could be to start using recycled plastic bottles, or offer a promotion if you bring in your own container. What do you think RAWCOCO? ; )

Overall, the juices, smoothies and milks are delicious, the space is beautifully light and airy, and the decor is zesty and uplifting. It’s the perfect place to catch up with a good friend, or even make use of the wide tables to work whilst sipping on a multicoloured juice!


RAW COCO Green Bar

Calle del General Pardiñas


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