Today I visited Sanchos’s Dress in Exeter, UK, a shop that sells its own range of ethical fashion.

My friend Hannah, who is an illustrator, wanted to show me their ecological shop, and when we got there it was even better than I expected. I didn’t intend to write an article about them, I just had my camera with me (luckily!) and snapped a few shots while I was there.

Sancho's Dress Exeter, Social Enterprise, Kalkidan and Vidamantas

Let’s start with Kalkidan and Vidmantas, who own the social business. They are really friendly and you can tell that they care a lot about their sustainable fashion range.

Their own range of clothes is made from organic unbleached cotton, and are really beautiful designs.

They are woven in a traditional method using wooden looms, by a small number of marginalised women in Ethiopia. This is brilliant because it allows the women to use their skills, keep an ancient tradition alive and improve and sustain their lives. It is also environmentally friendly because they do not bleach the cotton, and they are not using big factories and lots of energy to produce the pieces.

Sancho's Dress Exeter, Sustainable fashion

In addition to their fabulous eco-fashion range, they also stock some fair-trade clothes from the brand ‘People Tree’.

People Tree clothes at Sancho's Dress, sustainable fashion

People Tree at Sancho's Dress, Exeter

The shop also has a range of accessories, each carefully picked by Kalkidan and Vidmantas. Each item has a story which makes your product unique, to love for a lifetime

Sancho's Dress Exeter, jewellery, sustainable living in the city

Sancho's Dress, Jewellery, Sustainable Fashion

Sancho's Dress in Exeter, jewellery

There are also locally made soaps and balms, sourced from the local area, which is more sustainable.

Sancho's Dress Exeter Social Enterprise soap

They also had a small range of soy wax candles. To find out why soy candles are something to watch out for in your next candle, you can read about their benefits here (Hint: they burn longer and are better for your health!).

Sancho's Dress, sustainable eco soy soya candles

Sancho's Dress Hannah Mumby design