Conscious fashionistas, get ready: this is the sustainable fashion tour of Gracia district in Barcelona that will make you go weak at the knees! With 5 shops, and a vegan and gluten free bakery stop at the end to get your natural sugars up, you’ll be swooning at all the locally made sustainable goods and feeling good about where you spend your money. All shops are in an order so you can walk them easily.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s shop!


Amapola vegan shop

Amapola vegan shop has soft spot in my heart, as the first shop I walked into having just landed in Gracia. The shop is 100% vegan and has some swish modern vegan bags and shoes. Amapola waves goodbye to any hippy dippy veganism and welcomes modern peeps that want to look the part both at work and adventuring, without compromising their morals. They also sell vegan tees,American style sweatshirts, bobble hats, scarves, belts and jewellery and canvas rucksacks perfect for day trips, with an excellent selection for men. Work it, vegans!


Rollito Así

Sustainable fashion tour Barcelona in the Gracia district- Rollito Asi

Rollito Así is famous for its handmade bags and rucksacks, using mismatched fabrics, kooky buttons and vegan leather straps. It feels as though you’re stepping into an artistic workshop, with little surprises in each corner: cabinets with handmade jewellery, shelves with trinkets, photography printed lamps and stacks of original illustrations. You’ll find racks of colourful sustainable fashion for women, ranging from skirts and dresses, to t-shirts and jumpers, all made with fabrics sourced sustainably from small producers in Turkey.


Green Lifestyle Barcelona

Sustainable fashion tour Barcelona in the Gracia district- GreenLifeStyle Barcelona

GreenLifestyle Barcelona was the first organic boutique to be opened in Spain and stocks classic pieces of clothing that don’t follow trends, but will last you a long time. Think classic cut tops, dresses and jeans, in neutral colours. Back in March 2016 I popped into GreenLifestyleBarcelona and was impressed to find out that everything in the shop is 100% organic and sustainably sourced. This is a place for a girly meander, in between the fairy lights and glass jar decorations.

Read my review of GreenLifeStyle Barcelona.



Sustainable fashion tour Barcelona in the Gracia district- Sunsais

Sunsais is little hotch potch of delights, with plants, canvas makeup bags and scarves dotted around the clothing racks. The clothes you’ll find here are classic and grownup, with an occasional floral print or sleeve detail. There is a selection of handmade and locally sourced jewellery by the till, with tiny stones wound onto metal rings and chains. Don’t forget the mini succulents and cacti either!


Skunk Funk

Sustainable fashion tour Barcelona in the Gracia district- Skunk Funk

Skunk Funk is a Spanish brand which has shops all over Spain, with some even located as concessions within Corte Inglés department stores. Skunk Funk is an incredible brand when you consider their commitment to the environment, with recycled materials and organic cottons featuring in all of their pieces. I say pieces, because Skunk Funk’s clothing and bags have interesting cuts and details, which look normal enough on the hanger, but when worn stand out just enough to notice but not pin down why. My favourite are the geometric bags, with metallic edges and cork details.


La Besneta

Sustainable, vegan, gluten-free bakery pastelería in Barcelona Gracia La-Besneta

Finally, your well-deserved break at the glorious vegan bakery La Besneta! The bakery is located on one of the busiest little streets in Gracia and has a shop window that would entice any human in. From cupcakes, to cookies, slices of cake, chocolate truffles and jars of dessert, you won’t be able to stop yourself! I have tried a few of their creations – all vegan, organic and without gluten containing ingredients or refined sugar. I recommend the lemon cookie, carrot cake mascarpone cupcake and traditional Catalan treats, all delicious! Tell your friends so we can support them! (If you’d like a laugh, see the bottom right hand corner of this photo to see the eyes of a very wishful labrador that wants that carrot cake!)



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