Sweet tooths read on: here’s where to find the best vegan desserts in Barcelona! It’s easier than ever to find plant-based burgers, sandwiches and other main dishes in Barcelona, whether you’re in a vegetarian restaurant or not…but what about dessert? While you might be happy munching away on accidentally vegan tapas in a non-veggie bar, when it comes to vegan dessert options, non-vegetarian places can be lacking in plant-based treats.

Luckily, there are plenty of delicious vegan desserts in Barcelona, and here’s where to get five of the best.

Vegan ice cream: Gocce di Latte or Heladeria Mexicana

A sweet treat and a perfect way to beat the heat in summer months? Yes please! Most gelato places in Barcelona have at least one or two vegan sorbet options (usually the fruit flavours – just ask), but the best selection of vegan ice cream can be found at all-vegan gelateria Gocce di Latte. Try their pistachio and dark chocolate flavours – heaven! Heladeria Mexicana, in Barceloneta, also has a wide range of vegan flavours, although not all are vegan. They usually have a few more unusual selections, like horchata or margarita ice cream. (They also have vegan mains on the menu, too, if you’re hungry for a burrito or taco!)

Chocolate-stuffed croissant at Knella

Barcelona is a vegan croissant heaven; I’ve eaten some of the best croissants in my life in Barcelona! But my all-time favourites are the chocolate-stuffed croissants at Knella (also known as D’Monica). They have a few other vegan pastries but the chocolate-filled croissants are their classics. Nearby Santa Clara Bakery croissants are a hit with those who prefer a slightly less sweet croissant.

Cake at La Besneta (perfect for those with gluten intolerance)

Pastisserie La Besneta makes plenty of delicious treats perfect for those with gluten intolerance (although they do say their baked goods aren’t suitable for Coeliacs). Their cakes come in a jar, are easy to transport and delicious, as well as looking beautiful!

Vegan Nutella doughnut at Chok

A doughnut. Stuffed with vegan Nutella. Need I say more? Chok Bakery is not completely plant-based, but has lots of vegan options; the bestseller is their vegan Nutella doughnut, with good reason!

Mille feuille at Teresa Carles…For the fancy dessert lover

If you’re looking to impress a date or just your tastebuds, the mille feuille at Teresa Carles is the way to go. Layers of crispy puff pastry, vegan pastry cream and fresh fruit combine to make a work of art both in terms of presentation and flavour.


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