Giuliana and Elliot run Urban Orchard in Madrid, a magical organic juice bar in the Anton Martin market.

The juicy scoop

This zesty little cold-pressed juice bar opened just over 8 months ago, in late 2016.

The idea for an organic juice bar first came to Elliot and Giuliana when visiting Ubud in Bali. After some thinking, they decided to go for it. I mean, who doesn’t like a freshly squeezed organic juice?! Excellent decision-making guys!

Both Giuliana and Elliot have been vegan for 2-3 years, and everything (I mean everything) in their juice bar is vegan and sourced from cruelty-free sources. This even stretches to the coconuts coming from animal friendly companies (Elliot told me about how lots of companies use monkeys to knock down the coconuts from trees, but not the coconuts at Urban Orchard!).

Juice me up!

The stars of the show at Urban Orchard are the organic, cold-pressed juices. Cold-pressed juices have the nutritional benefit of being juiced away from the heat and the air, which stops the fruit losing its properties soon after juicing. This means that your juice packs more punch in the nutrients department and you get more health benefits for your buck.

The fruits and vegetables that they use are not only organic, but are sourced locally within the Madrid region. This means that the ingredients are seasonal, and the juices change depending on what’s available.

You can also add superfood powders like baobab to your juice for an extra booster, or try a wheat grass shot (which they grow themselves!). Even the nut milks for the milkshakes are made by Giuliana and Elliot: almond, gluten-free oat, hemp, cashew. You name it, they make it. Giuliana also grows the ingredients for their water Kefir drink. There really is nothing at this juice bar that is not organic or made by hand!

And as a new addition, they have also developed ice lolly versions of their juices. Perfect timing for the summer and they look beautiful too, all pastel pinks and minty greens.

Vegan tasty bites

Although the juices are the main attraction, Elliot and Giuliana also make sure they have a vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free cake on offer every day (yes, all these things together, every time!). They make the cakes themselves and like to jazz up the decorating! When we visited we found some soothing looking pistachio cake made with coconut cream, and fat blocks of raw cocoa brownies.

They also offer a savoury dish each day (always vegan and gluten free), which could be something like a fresh cauliflower salad, or courgette noodles with dates and veggies. Tried and tested, they’re definitely on to some winners with these dishes. Deliciousness aside, the fact that they are both vegan, organic and gluten-free make them extra special.

So next time you are in the south of the city, pop by for an organic juice! I can guarantee you it will brighten up your day, if only to meet Elliot and Giuliana!


Urban Orchard

Calle Santa Isabel, 5