Saying that I spent the weekend in Seville is like saying a spent the weekend in a gigantic pastry shop. The city is thick with traditional and contemporary bakeries, cafés and patisseries, each and everyone has ceiling high windows and mouth watering displays of sugar glazed cookies, 6 layer cakes, baskets of meringues and stacks of tortas de aceite. In other words, I just came back from heaven.

In a city made of pastry shops, it’s no wonder that Seville is the birthplace of Spain’s first vegan dessert shop, Veganitessen. Veganitessen is exactly what it sounds like – a vegan delicatessen – and it’s where I had the best vegan cake in Seville!

vegan cake in seville

Entrance to the Arenal Market

The Basics

Opened since 2009, Veganitessen is a vegan bakery and bar located on the east side of the river. It’s the first restaurant you’ll come across when entering the Arenal Market (Mercado del Arenal), on Calle Pastor y Landero, 0.

Since they are located inside a market, their hours are quite limited. They are opened from Tuesday to Saturday from 12:30 to 16:30.

They are very active on social media, more specifically Facebook, where they publish holiday hours, special events and daily menus.


If you choose to sit down and eat at Veganitessen, you will find a mix of self-serve and to-table service. Here is what you can expect: you’ll have to find yourself a seat, get your own cutlery and serve yourself a drink however a waiter will ask for your order and bring your plates to you. Although the service was great and super friendly, frankly I did feel a little lost the first time and I had wished that they had a host to guide me through.

vegan cake in sevilla, Veganitessen

Veganitessen is to the left


Veganitessen’s price tags are reasonable. I ordered a soy burger, slice of vegan cake and drink, I paid just under 10€. The slices of cake were about 3€ – a great price considering it’s the only place that serves vegan cakes in Seville.

Washroom Facilities

Don’t have high expectations – the washrooms are located nearby the market’s exit and are ordinary public toilets.

vegan cake in seville Veganitessen

The complete Veganitessen menu


The kitchen at Veganitessen changes the menu on a daily basis based on seasonality and the menu is published on Facebook ahead of time.

I ordered the Al Andlus burger, a lentil burger with Andalusian spices on buns decorated with black sesame. The burger was delicious and very filling, but I was disappointed that the Andalusian spices didn’t give it a punch of flavour. Ultimately, I went for the green tea and coconut cake and found myself saying “hmmm” over and over again. The green tea cake was thin yet had a similar texture to pound cake. The coconut icing was creamy, light and fruity. The two flavours made the perfect combination and just writing this article makes me want to return for more vegan cake in Seville now!

vegan cake in seville Veganitessen

vegan cake seville Veganitessen

Green tea cake with coconut icing