Hello my lovely friends!

If you’re learning how to cook vegan, or just want to jazz up your vegan food routine, get a space at One Green Bunny‘s vegan cooking classes.

I went to a Brunch cooking class and it did not disappoint : )

One Green Bunny is run by Monta, who is from Latvia and has lots of magical vegan ideas. She welcomed us into her homely cooking space with fresh orange juice and some good vegan vibes.

We cooked a full vegan brunch, complete with vegan ‘scrambled eggs’, vegan ‘tuna salad’ and vegan tortilla de patatas. I learnt about silken tofu and it’s magical uses, as well as how rising agents can make a really fluffy tortilla de patatas!

After enjoying the feast we went on to make a sweet brunch dessert, chia pudding with banana and red fruits complete with mini pancakes. It was delicious, I can tell you that.

I’d really recommend One Green Bunny’s cooking classes if you’re thinking about branching into the vegan world, but you’re not quite sure what substitutes you can use, and whether they will be really expensive.

The one thing that made a lasting impression was that as a vegan you can eat not just eat normally, but eat well. The dishes we made were colourful, delicious and satisfying. It really inspired me to make some easy vegan swaps in my daily life and know that I can still live a full and fun life : )

They’re also opening a Bunny Deli soon in Calle San Gregorio, Madrid (keep an eye out! 🙂 ).

One Green Bunny

Calle Fernando VI, 27

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