Hello my beautiful friends!

Here is a vegan and gluten free icecream tour of Malasaña in Madrid! Because… it’s boiling and we are meeeeltingggg!

It is so hot right now in Madrid, with temperatures reaching more than 40 degrees in some days. In case you don’t know yet, Madrid in August is when everybody disappears for their holidays (Spanish companies often organise aaaall their holidays for this month as it can be so sweltering!).

So for those of us that have stayed, we could do with a cool down! But with ecofriendly icecream of course 🙂

The flavours of these places are amazing, so hope you enjoy 🙂 ?? Do you have any to add for Malasaña? Stay tuned for an icecream tour of Lavapies next!


#1  Amorino

Gourmet experience at Corte Inglés
Plaza de Callao

#2 Lolo

Mercado San Antón

#3 BellaMia

Calle Perez Galdós, 3